A great chiropractor is like a mechanic for your body. You look at yourself in the mirror and worry about your hair or skin etc., while we look at you and see a bent or twisted neck and back, forward head posture, and perhaps a mechanical imbalance in your feet or knees and contemplate how we can fix that.


The most important tool in the chiropractic tool box is called the adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation. Simply put, “stuck” or fixated joints that are supposed to be movable cause irritation to the nervous system often resulting in pain and other symptoms. A properly performed chiropractic adjustment helps to restore normal function to the joint complex involved in the spine or extremities.


Dr. Zimmerman uses a wide variety of manual and mechanical techniques, depending on the needs of a particular patient, to decrease pain and increase function as quickly as possible in a manner that is as comfortable for the patient as possible.